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    S1200KPR with addon raid adapter


      I am having an issue getting my raid card recognized in the PCIe slot. The raid card works on another computer. The PCI-e 16x slot should be functioning as I've tested the slot with a graphic's card and the bios picked it up no problem.


      My setup:

      S1200KPR with latest BIOS


      2x8Gb ECC unbuffered DDR3

      LSI 9211-8i


      I've tried disabling the onboard sata ports and still no detection.


      I've tried disabling the onboard IGD and for a moment I saw the card lit up before the motherboard beeps at no video. Does this means that all 16x PCIe lanes are closed if IGD is being used?


      I looked around the internet and several people have this board and got similar raid cards. However, all of them have Xeon processor. I know the E3 Xeon processor has 20 lanes vs. 16 lanes in the i3, Does it mean the 4 additional lane will allow this raid card to work?