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    Fastest Processor for Single Threaded Application




      We run Oracle on Unbrakable Linux, the underlying storage is Netapp. The application is an Iflex Banking App which is Single Threaded. We cannot run our batches any faster as we are CPU bound at the moment. I would like to know what would be the fastest processor to run a single threaded application on?

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          Christopher Peters



          I don’t have any information specifically on iflex, however I can give you some data points on the scalability of single task workloads with our latest generation server processor.


          While the Xeon 5500 is a quad-core processor, it does a great job computing single thread workloads since the OS can turn cores off and boost frequency (if needed) and has very high platform bandwidth to feed the processor due to an integrated memory controller coupled with intel quickpath technology, pci express gen 2 and ddr3 memory.


          The Xeon 5500 has top scores in SPEC’s single task (SPEED) benchmark suite based on best published data (www.spec.org as of march 30 2009) and at http://www.intel.com/performance/server/xeon/server_table.htm





          Floating Point

          Xeon X5570 quad core



          Xeon X5470 quad core



          Xeon 5160 dual core



          Xeon 3.8 single core





          For a Financial Services Application (Sunguard), the Xeon 5500 beat out the previous Xeon 5400 by 38% (source intel measured data)


          Hope that helps, Chris

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            How does the i7 series stack up to the Xeon 5500 for single threaded mathematically intensive (Markov Chain Monte Carlo) I/O bound applications where only a single instance of the application will be running? Do you have any recommendations on improving performance in these types of I/O bound secenarios?