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    Ultimate n-6300 connection problems

    Fabrizio De Benedictis


      my HP Elitebook 8470p has a builit-in Intel  Ultimate N-6300 wireless card and a 82579LM Network installed. It happens, when I wake up of my laptop after a 'Sleep' mode or when I change Wireless Network that the laptop joins the Network (recognizing it) but then it doesn't get the IP address from the relevant router.

      I tried nearly everything to fix the issue, even change the Wireless Card. The problem is not the Networks I connect to, since I have been connecting to them since years with other laptops (home and work) never suffering such an issue.

      The Microsoft Windows 7 troubleshooting says that "Windows cannot automatically detect this network's proxy setting'.

      The funny thing is that, if I plug a cable to the same router (and the connection works properly), after a certain time, also the wireless gets the IP address! There's something blocking this task, BUT WHAT?

      The ipconfig command when I've this problem, shows the default IP address ( and if you try to execute the /release option the output is that the 'Media is disconnected'.

      Can anyone help me in this?

      Thanks in advance!


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          Thank you for posting.

          You may want to verify your security software (firewall / antivirus) is not blocking the wireless connection and your router has the latest firmware on the access point you are connecting to. If possible test the connection with a different access point/router.


          Make sure the security is set to WPA(2) – AES only, not WEP or TKIP. Otherwise you may test the connection without security.


          I hope this helps.

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            Fabrizio De Benedictis


            thanks for your kind reply.

            If there would be problems with the firewall or the antivirus it would never get the connection.

            At home we have four laptops, iPhones etc and till today it's the first time we have a connection problem.

            At work it's exactly the same behaviour and dozens of collegues are connected in my same way.

            The laptop had an HP suite to have under control all the 'conections': I uninstalled it and I'd like to use an Intel one, just like I have (had) on previous laptop(s).


            I tried to download it and installed (Wireless_15.6_Ds64.exe) but I can't see it among the icons in the bar.


            It's not a problem showing all the times: it may happen that you put the laptop in a sleep mode and after one hour it connects promptly; the morning after you can't get the cnnection and you have to reboot it.


            But, again, when it doesn't get connectd, if I plug in the network cable, at once, also the wireless gets its IP!

            What can stop the system negotiating the IP even if the popup says it is connected to that wireless network?

            In attachment some  more snapshots: hope they can be helpful to find a solution!

            BTW, it's correct that I find also a 'virtual' adapter besides the physical one?

            Thanks in advance!






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              Hello Fabrizio,


              Regarding your firewall statement that is something we cannot guarantee. There are, however, other things to try. Sometimes there are compatibility issues with the router which sometimes are solved by updating its firmware.


              The package you downloaded includes the driver only. The full version of Intel® Proset Wireless software can be installed by running the file: Wireless_15.6_64.exe.




              You may try disabling the wireless adapter power saving feature in device manager (control panel), expand network adapters, double click your wireless adapter and go to the power management tab, then uncheck allow the computer to turn off this device to save power.


              Also disabling IPv6 may help in case the router has compatibility issues with it. From Network and Sharing center click Change adapter settings, right click the wireless network and go to properties, uncheck IPv6 and click OK. If the connection does not improve, leave this option the way it was. It is OK to have virtual adapters there.

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                Fabrizio De Benedictis


                a couple of days ago I asked one of my collegues, who deal with Networking, to help me.

                He started to uninstall many components (Network side) and at the end we uninstalled also the Mcafee Host Intrusion Prevention.

                Then, only the Network components were installed again.

                Now it seems working properly, finally!

                My laptop is provided by my Company and the Windows build is much complicated!

                Thanks for your effort, anyway!