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    i have astrange heat problem with my cor i5 2400 3.10 up to 3.40GH processor.

    Hossam Hassan

      first do not thought me crazy my problem did not appear when i make pressure2400     with prime 95 the temperature when i make pressure for 15 hour is normal it reach to 75 c and i think it good.

      but my real problem in regular temperature when i start windows the temperature become 72c with out doing any thing . but the the strange is coming the temperature come down when i make heavy operation like setup anew heavy game making archive for some data or playing heavy game after 15 minute from playing the temperature is going down.

      the same thing also for graphic card but not high like CPU the temperature on the card do not exceeds 60 c .

      my PC specifications are

      processor: cor i5 2400 3.10Gh

      Ram: 2*4 king stone hyper 1600

      Vega card: Amd radeon 1Gb ddr5 GH Edition

      Mother board: Z77x d3h

      Hard disk: western digital 1Tb 32 cash caviar blue

      Operating system :Windos7 professional 64 bit

                  pus 550 w