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    Intel Pro/Wireless 3945ABG connection issues.






      Recently, I have experienced issues connecting to networks with my 3945ABG adapter. The laptop itself is a Dell E1405.  I have tried disabled the power management on the device, installed the latest driver, I have tried both  the dell driver and the driver through intel.  I have reformatted my computer thinking something may have been corrupt.  I have exchanged two different routers, I was trying with a Linksys WRT160N router, then I exchanged that for a Belkin 54g router.  I have spend almost four days troubleshooting this problem and can't figure out what could be causing this issue.  I currently have the router configured to use WPA2 encryption.  My NIC recognizes the router, but when I go to connect, it just won't establish a connection.  With the previous router, WRT160N, it would connect after setting up the router, but any time that I restarted, or went into power save mode, the NIc no longer recongized the WRT160N router.  Anyways, that router is gone.  I know am connecting again to the Belkin 54g.  It will not connect, I can see that it has full signal, SSID broadcast is enabled, any ideas?  Post or email me:  billscott51708@comcast.net