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    No luck with Intel HD Graphics Driver for Aspire 5742 *HALP!* XO


      I've been trying to update my intel HD Graphics for a couple of weeks now. The first time I tried it was on a diferent computer and the ActiveX program flooded my system with Malware XD. Anyway Now I'm on and Acer Aspire 5742-7620 with an i3-370M Processor. No matter what i do I keep getting error messages when the driver tires to install. It keeps saying "This computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing this software" What gives? Halp me Support Community Forums, You're my only Hope!



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          The video controller in that system is an Intel® HD Graphics first generation.

          As you may know the video drivers for that controller are only provided by the operating system itself.


          The driver that comes with Windows 8 has limited features as it does not include the GUI (graphics user interface), so some options like adjusting the video resolution may not be available; however, there is a newer version that can be installed by doing Windows Updates.


          Please keep in mind that the inbox driver and the updated version from windows update is only for the officially released version of Windows 8 (which is paid) and not the RC (Release Candidate), or beta versions of Windows 8.


          If you check the Device manager before running Windows* updates it will show the Inbox driver as version, so after you run the updates the version will be posted as To check the driver version in the Device Manager, click on the device listed under display adapters and the click on the Driver tab. For information on using the Device Manager you can use the instructions on this site: