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    Single chip and multi chip module

    Emanuele Andreazza



      I have a question about the intel processor and its base technology that  don't know before, about the single chip or multichip module of an intel processor.

      For oracle reason, I have to know some information if a processors is a single or multi chip module of Intel processors.


      The explanation is here:

      "Deep within Oracle’s definition of a Processor is the following:  in the case of multi-chip modules, each chip in the multi-chip module is counted as one occupied socket.

      What is a multi-chip module (aka MCM)?  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multi-Chip_Module


      It seems to me that MCM is a technique for chip manufacturers to claim quad (or dual) core CPUs without actually fabricating all cores on the same piece of silicon.

      If you are licensing as Enterprise Edition, then MCM can be ignored, as the total number of cores is the basis for calculating license fees.  With Standard Editions (both Standard and Standard One), however, Oracle’s policy regarding MCM is important to understand because what you may have thought was a four-socket box may actually be considered eight occupied sockets by Oracle."


      Where can I find this information?especially about the Intel Xeon E5-2650 and Intel Xeon 7120N.


      Thanks in advance for the help.