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    D2500CC wake on LAN problem.




      I try to setup wake on LAN on D2500CC  board, but without any success.

      After switching off the computer the Link/Activity and Link Speed LEDs switch off, next the Link/Activity LED switch on and after one, two seconds switch off.

      At a time when Link/Activity LED is on I can wake up the computer sending to it the wake up package.


      I tested PS/2 wake up too.  It also work for only a few seconds after the computer is turned off.


      Also the RTC alarm event not wake up the computer.


      I checked a voltage on +5Vstby power supply  pin and it is correct.

      The +5V Standby Power Indicator LED is always on.


      I tested two D2500CC boards and two different ATX power supplies. I updated the BIOS to the latest version.

      Both boards are from the 2013.

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