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    S1200BTLR, some questions


      I have s1200btlr with windows 7-64 (workstation purpose).


      Few questions:


      - I tried to install driver for integrated graphics, from: Download Center

      but unsuccessfully. Download page says drivers are for windows 7, but readme file says driver will install only on w2003&2008 server edition. Graphics card actually prevents the board to go in hibernation, unfortunately (according to this  S1200BTLR Graphics and Windows Server 2012 Essentials post)


      There is some workaround?


      - Any way to read ECC error reportings from windows 7? And however how I can be sure that ECC is working?



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          Hi Andrea,



          1) I'm suprised that provided driver does not work under Windows 7. Though I never istalled Win7 on this motherboard, the kernel of Win7 and Win2008 is the same, so using driver from Win2008 should deffinitely work. Could you attach the Windows message (or screenshot) which says that there is a problem?



          2) I don't know if it is possible to read such messages. You can search within Intel Utilities to find such feature.


          If you want to check if ECC protection is enabled, download AIDA64, run it, go to Motherboard -> Chipset -> North bridge, scroll down to bottom and search for "Error correction". Also under SPD you can validate if your memory supports ECC.





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