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    Problem with Centrino Advanced-N 6205


      My new laptop is a Lenovo Thinkpad X230, and the wireless adapter in it is the Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6205 (for which I paid extra, being a more advanced wireless adapter). It is running Windows 8 Pro. I have the newest driver package installed for the wireless adapter from the Lenovo support site.


      I have had a problem connecting to an adhoc connection, described in detail below.  This problem has not occured with other laptops or other devices I have, As that laptop is the first computer I have owned that runs Windows 8, I assumed the problem is probably related to that OS. I posted about it yesterday in the Windows 8 forums at: Cannot connect to Internet through peer-to-peer connection  (I will also paste the text of that post below.) No resolution of that problem yet on that forum.


      It occurs to me though, that the only thing new is not the OS, that the laptop with the problem is the first one I have had with the Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6205 wireless adapter. The problem might have to do with the adapter, its driver, settings, etc. Therefore, I decided to join this forum, and post the message here as well. I will paste the text of that other post below. I hope someone here can help with the problem. Thank you.


      I sometimes tether to my smartphone (HD2, running Windows Mobile 6.5) with an app called WMWiFiRouter, which creates a wi-fi hotspot using the 3g connection of the phone.


      Despite "router" being in the app's name, it sets the connection up as a peer-to-peer (adhoc) network.


      This works with computers I have used it with running Windows XP and Windows 7. It also works with an Ipod Touch and Ipad I have.


      However, so far I cannot get it to work on my new Windows 8 laptop. It connects to the adhoc network, but reports it as having "No Internet Access" (although other computers and devices can connect to the Internet through it), and indeed, one cannot connect to any web site, nor read e-mail, etc., with the Windows 8 computer when connected to my tethered wi-fi network.


      I tried turning off the Windows Firewall. Didn't help. Same problem.


      Does anyone reading have an idea, how I can get the Windows 8 laptop (Lenovo X230) to connect to the Internet through the adhoc network of my smartphone, as my Windows XP and 7 computers can, and other devices?


      Thank you in advance for your help.

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          Hello maiki


          Windows* 8 is supposed to be able to connect to an Ad-Hoc connection. It is not able to create one as you can read from here: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-8/whats-new-in-networking


          As I understand you are trying to connect to an existing Ad-Hoc; that is the first scenario above. Usually there is no problem with this type of connection. Sometimes disabling the firewall is not enough; there may be other features the security software may be using. You may test the system in safe mode with networking or try disabling all the security features of your software or even removing the software itself.


          I hope this helps!

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            Hi Joe,


            It is a new computer, that I have done a clean install of Windows on. There is no security software running on it, so I am sure that is not the problem. (By the way, I had the same problem with the computer out of the box, before I did the clean install. (Both times Win8 Pro.)


            The reason I wrote to this board was wondering whether it might not be a Win8 problem, but a Centrino Advanced-N 6205 problem, as that win8 laptop is the first time I have used that particular adapter.


            Might some setting on the adapter? Might it be a bug in the current driver (Win8) for it?


            If you are from Intel, could you check connecting that adapter to an adhoc network that has internet access, and see if that computer can access the internet through it? Thanks.

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              I am sorry to tell you I currently have no way to test this specific scenario on my side. You may install Windows* 7 if you have the chance and test it that way. Perhaps Microsoft* may have an advice about this.

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                It turns out it was a driver problem.


                Although I had the newest wi-fi driver installed from the Lenovo site, i found a newer one on the Intel site, just a couple days old, installed the new one, and now no more problems with connecting to the Internet from the adhoc connection.


                Still one minor problem though. Every single time I connect to the adhoc network I am asked for the WEP password? Why isn't it remembered, and why does the network not connect automatically as I set it? (It connects automatically to that network, remembering the password, on my WinXP and Win7 computers, and even my Idevices, but not from this Win8 computer.) (The Win8 computer will connect automatically, remembering the password, to normal access point networks though.) Will Win8 not connect automatically, and not remember the password, for an adhoc network? Or another problem with the driver or Intel software? Anything I could do to fix that?

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                  Hi Maiki,


                  It is quite possible a problem with the Intel Centrino 6235 Wifi card and not Windows 8, look at this thread and you see there is not a real solution. I am on my second replacement laptop as are others and we still have the same issues and no resolution from Joe_Intel whatosever..


                  Thread: http://communities.intel.com/thread/31090

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                    Hello Maiki, I am glad you were able to solve the previous issue.


                    I was able to replicate the new issue. Windows* 8 does not save the passphrase for an Ad-Hoc connection as you may see it does not offer the option to connect automatically as it does with the other available networks.


                    There is an alternate solution since Intel® Proset/Wireless WiFi Connection Utility saves the profile for the Ad-Hoc connection. If by any chance you do not have such software already installed then you will need to uninstall the wireless driver and reinstall it in custom mode so you can check mark all the boxes.

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                      Thanks, Joe Intel,


                      That is not good, that Microsoft made Win8 less functional than previous versions, not being able to connect automatically to an adhoc network, nor remember the password. Is that a bug, or did Microsoft do it on purpose?


                      Yes, I hae the Intel wireless software installed. (It looks like it has its own "wireless zero" service to replace the one in Windows, and some other background services running.) So far I haven't seen any advantage to it, and don't see that I got any benefit by configuring my computer with this "advanced" adapter rather than a more plain one.


                      So, I guess that the Intel software has not been saving the adhoc password either. Or is there some setting I can change to make it do that? (I am definitely running that Intel Proset software though.


                      Thank you.

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                        Boz, I do not have a 6235 wi-fi card. Look at the number more carefully, right in the title of the thread--6205..

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                          Hello maiki,


                          It seems to be a Windows*8 limitation; however, I would suggest you to confirm it with Microsoft*.


                          Regarding our solution to save the password or profile, you will need to open Intel® PROSet/Wireless WiFi Connection Utility (from the system tray, on the right lower corner) and connect with it to your Ad-Hoc connection instead of using Windows* 8 native tool.


                          If it is already connected you may click on the Profiles button and then create a profile. Once you have done that and the password has been entered the system will not request the password again.

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                            Thanks for your reply, Joe.


                            Although I did install the Intel Proset Wireless Tools,. can configure it in Control Panel, the only wireless icon I see in the taskbar is the standard Windows one, not Intel, and I see no way to configure to get the latter.


                            I haven't found any option in the Intel Proset tools that will remember a connection.


                            By the way, i still sometimes have trouble even connecting through that adhoc connection with that computer, although I sometimes can. But every single time I have to enter the password.

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                              Maiki, if the Intel® PROSet/Wireless WiFi Connection Utility does not show up anywhere I would like to recommend a complete uninstall of the driver from Programs and Features. Then, install the file Wireless_15.6_64.exe or Wireless_15.6_32.exe depending on your Operating System architecture.


                              Please make sure you go for a custom installation and mark all the options. You may download the file from the following link:



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                                That is the version I installed, with the whole Intel Proset app (x64). I will try uninstalling and reinstalling. Thanks.