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    How to save monitor-settings per computer?


      first of all: sorry, my english is not so good, and i hope you understand what i mean.

      is it possible to save the monitor-settings (resolution an position of the monitor) for each user on each computer?

      The company i work for,uses Microsoft Windows XP with Active-Directory and roaming profiles.

      The Problem:
      If a user works on more than one computer (of course, not at the same time...) and there are different monitor-setups on each computer (models, resolution and positions), how can the different monitor-settings be saved to use it automaticaly, but only on this computer?
      If the same user changes the workspace and logged in to another computer the monitor/display-settings from the previously logged on computer will be used.

      I know, there is the possibility of creating profiles inside the intel-driver, but the user needs to manualy activates these profiles by himself, which would not be very practical.

      Is ist possible to save these settings by computer and not by user?