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    "Intel WiFi Link 1000 bgn" vs. "Intel Centrino Wireless -N 1000"




      I bought my ThinkPad E420s one week ago, it has a "Intel WiFi Link 1000 bgn" network adapter. After some Windows Updates, I noticed the following notification: "Intel My WiFi Technology adapter not found". However, the wireless connection still worked fine. Anyway, I searched through some discussions and found that other people had the same problem. I read the advice to update my drivers at the Intel website, and I did that. The error massage disappeared after that. However, now I noticed that the name of my network adapter in the system manager has changed from "Intel WiFi Link 1000 bgn" to "Intel Centrino Wireless -N 1000". Can someone tell my why that is and if this is normal? Should I worry about something?


      Thanks a lotp