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    Which gaming graphics cards can I use with a G33 chipset?



      I have bought the graphics card GTX 650: ZOTAC - It's time to play! bought for my http://www.medion.de/ms/aldi/md8396/sued/flash.html. My old graphics card had trouble with Windows 8 / DirectX 11.1.

      Although the requirements are met - according to ZOTAC (http://www.zotac.com/fileadmin/Redakteure/Products/Pdf/master_zt-61003-10m_gtx-650-amp_v1.pdf) - the PC shut down after the graphics card installation again and again. It's not a problem of the power supply, because I have replaced the 350 watt power supply with a 630 watts power supply.

      According to the graphics card manufacturer the card is probably not compatible with the G33 chipset.

      Which gaming graphics cards are compatible with this chipset?


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          Hello vogelknurz,


          From our side, we can confirm that the Intel® Chipset G33 should be compatible with this video card.


          The Chipset supports PCI 1.1 and the video card you have supports 3.0. This means it is backwards compatible with previous versions. However, since you are having this problem with the product, I recommend you updating the drivers, including the BIOS chipset by using the software provided by the system manufacturer. Sometimes, in the newer BIOS updates contain fixes for known problems on the units.