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    intel hd graphics driver update problem

    David Buchanan
















      Hi folks


      I'm having a problem updating the intel hd 4000 graphics. On my dell inspiron 15r special edition I have switchable graphics. At the moment  when I update the amd graphics driver its fine. When I then go to update the intel graphics it does so in device manager but after a restart the amd graphics has a yellow mark next to it and im sure the driver had been rolled back. So basically I cant update the intel graphics without it affecting the amd one.

      On the dell drivers website it has available a driver for the graphics card related to my machine but when I download it it display the message that my machine does not meet the minimum requirements....... which I don't understand as its from dell and appropriate to my make and model. I just want to note here that the bios is also up to date at the point too.


      Anyone got any suggestions as to what driver I should have here and best way to go about it to get both of them working. At the moment both drivers work but something tells me there is something wrong as I should be able to download the latest driver.


      Any help would be appreciated folks.

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          Hi David,


          What happens is that if the computer comes with switchable graphics then the generic graphics driver that is in our website will not work.  If the driver you are downloading from DELL website is not installing then the best option is to contact them directly in order to get for a graphics driver update that will install in your computer model.  For the computers that come with switchable graphics OEMs create a special graphics driver that is able to work with both graphics controllers.