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    Intel mSATA SSD 525 120gb crash



      I purchased a new Intel mSATA SSD 525 series (120gb) to use with Intel NUC DC3217IYE.

      At a first glance, it seems working without problems. I installed Win7 64-bit.

      Then, on the second day, the system started to freeze (for 5 minutes), and end up with BSOD.

      This problem usually arises when intense disk operations occur (such as windows update, benchmark tools).

      I tried many possible controller drivers such as (Windows' default driver (iastorv.sys), Intel RST (iastor.sys), Intel RST for NUC (iastorA.sys, iastorF.sys)) and BIOS updates. The result is the same. I also couldn't manage to install Ubuntu (linux) - SSD crashed while installing.

      After an SSD crash, BIOS cannot recognize it until I disconnect the power cord and replug.

      I tried full diagnostic scan by SSD Toolbox, the system crashes at ~18%. (It crashes earlier if windows write cache buffer is disabled)

      The firmware version of the SSD is LLKi. The software indicates that this is the latest firmware.


      Any idea to solve this problem?

      Thanks in advance.