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    New motherboard DX79SI not working


      Hi there,


      My question is, I'm assembling a PC and I bought all parts as follow:

      - Motherboard model No: DX79SI

      - Intel processor i7-3820 3.60MHZ

      - Gigabyte Geforce GTX 650

      - Power Supply: Gigabyte ODIN Pro 800W

      - Hard disk, DVD, CPU Fan

      I've connected everything also the cables to the proper places, except the 6 pins 12V where should be plugged above the CPU fan because I forgot connecting it, after that when I went to switch the power ON I was waiting for monitor display but it didn't work. I read the motherboard manual from Internet and I found that is saying I have to plug the 6 pins 12V above the CPU otherwise might cause damage to the motherboard, so I plugged it and when I pressed the front power ON, it works but after 3 seconds it repeat restarting and it continues doing this every 3 seconds restarting.

      When I unplugged the 6 bins 12 V from the motherboard, I switched the power ON and the motherboard works fine but t the video display didn't work on the monitor.

      Please help me in figuring out the problem and how can it be solved. Thank you

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          Ruben Ramos

          Hi William,

          For this specific problem you have, I will recommend to you to double check your hardware installation; make sure about the proper power connector of the video card.

          If the power supply cable with the 2x4 connector is not plugged into the 12V processor core voltage connector located near the processor socket, the system will not boot up. You will see lights onboard and on the chassis front panel and the processor fan will spin, but nothing will appear on the monitor.

          Also, do you hear any beep from the motherboard? In case you hear 2 beeps, it could be a compatibility problem with the Nvidia GTX 650.

          If no beeps, you can check the Altered Assembly (AA#) number of your motherboard, for this motherboard in order to recognize the I7-3820 processor you have, it must have the BIOS version 0460, this BIOS is included in the AA# G28808-601 and on.

          You can access that information at the following link: : http://qdms.intel.com/dm/d.aspx/A2B9887F-3C10-4743-9190-D17A3CC108D5/PCN111436-00.pdf

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            As mentioned by Ruben, this seems to be a problem with the BIOS version on your motherboard.


            If you continue to have problems please contact the Place of Purchase and replace your motherboard or contact your local warranty department for possible solutions.


            Here is the contact information:





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              GUY BÉGIN


              It is not easy to obtain replacement by the Place of Purchase. Most of the resellers don't care about problems you may have after the sale is completed and cash in their pockets. I have a POST issue with the DX79Si motherboard. When my computer was brand new 7 seconds were sufficient to enable me to navigate on the web now it takes 30 seconds..... I bring back my computer to the reseller and they told me that 30 seconds was normal what a joke!

              I've bought this computer a year ago and the reseller offers a poor after sale service.