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    DP45SG - Sapphire HD4850x2


      I am building my new computer, and I have stumbled upon the folowwing problem.

      The motherboard doesn't seem to be able to boot when the HD 4850x2 graphic card it's on it. I probed the components with a different PCIe card, and it work perfectly (at least it was able to boot into the bios configuration menu). But when I place the 4850 on the setup, the bios can not boot (it does not emit any error beeps either). It seems as if the mother is at a loss trying to funtion with the graphic card, and it is not even able to finish the sart up sequence.

      I tryied to place the card on both PCIe slots with the same results. I remove the memos, and the DP45SG gave me the corresponding error beeps for memory. I removed the graphic card, and the DP45SG gave me de error beeps for video.

      (oh, by the way..... "yes, I plugged the PCIe power conectors to the card, and the energy leds on it went green, as they should")

      I concluded that it was the Graphic Card the one in need of replacement, so i took it back to the retailer, where we placed it on a different computer (on a motherboard from a different manufacturer), and the Radeon 4850x2 worked perfectly!!!!


      So, right now, I am a little bit lost about what to do next...

      Does any one has any ideas on this? What could it be???

      I let you the specs of my set up:


      Power:         CoolerMaster Real Power Pro 750W

      Mother:        Intel DP45SG

      Micro:          Intel Core2 Quad Q6600

      Memory:      SuperTalent 2x4GB KIT DDR3 1333MHZ

      Graphics:     Sapphire ATI Radeon HD4850x2 (2GB)


      Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

      Thanks in advance

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          Hi there,


          Note there is Tested Hardware available for this board


          From the release notes of the BIOS updates:
          There is a fix in the BIOS for the support of certain GFX cards.


          Step 1: Note Update the bios using the recovery mode only
          Download the latest bios BIO file from the website
          Copy the bio file to a fat-formatted usb memory stick
          Remove the bios jumper from the board.
          Connect the usb stick on the target machine.
          Make sure there is no other usb devices connected on the system
          Switch on the system
          Wait for the bios update to complete.
          Put back the bios jumper to its normal position
          Try to boot the machine.


          If you still have problem,
          Switch the bios jumper configuration of the board to the configuration mode
          Switch on the system


          Kind Regards,

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            Thank you very much for your quick response.

            The only commentary I have is that i was not able to flash the BIOS in Recovery Mode, since the mother board didn't boot at all in recovery mode.

            So I finally flashed it with the bootable CD ISO in Normal mode.

            The proccess went well and without errors, and to my joy an relief, the problem was solved.

            I am now finishing the installation of Vista, and so far so good. No problems whatsoever in the horizon. Tonight i'll be installing some games to test the system.


            Thanks again.

            Kind Regards,


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              Hi Lestat_L,


              I am very glad that it worked fine at least and your problem is fixed now. Anyway, I am here to help. Maybe next time you can post some benchmarking results of the board. :-)


              You can always send me message on my mail via the community tool.


              Kind Regards,


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                Last night I completed the installation of Vista and some games and the set up worked like a dream.

                I promise to deliver some benchmarking results this week (the HD4850x2 comes with 3DMark Vantage) so I'll give it a try....

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                  Hi Lestat_L,


                  Yes, that would be great if you can do some benchmarking for me. Dont worry if I am posting anything on this, I will give you the credit for the test you did.