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    Desktop Utilites indicates wrong memory speed


      Just upgraded to a new board, the DZ77GA-70K and the i7-3770K processor. Using the same Corsair memory that was in the previous system running at 1600mhz. When first started in the BIOS, the memory was running at 1333mhz but I reset it to run at 1600mhz and the BIOS confirms it. After installing the Intel Desktop Utilites in Windows, it shows the memory is running at only 1333mhz. Has anyone else had this problem? Is the memory running at 1333 or 1600? Thanks

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          We may need additional information to check on this issue, could you please specify what is the part number and manufacturer of the memory sticks you have tested with? What is the BIOS version installed? What operating system is installed? What version of Intel(R) Desktop Utilities are you using?

          And just as a reference, have you tried any other monitoring software (such as CPU-Z for example) to check the speed reported there?