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    Memory Hierarchy Error

      I've built a system with Core i7 920 proc, SuperMicro C7X58 MB, 12 GB of RAM, and 4 SATA drives in RAID 5 via the Intel Matrix RAID. My issue is various STOP errors when the system is under sustained disk IO. With the QPI speed set at 6.4GHz, attempting to make a copy a 30GB file on the local disk would cause a STOP 0x00000124 in ~30 secs. Setting the QPI to 4.8GHz resolved this issue but I still get frequent crashes when trying to copy large files to the disk array. For instance, I've made 5 attempts to copy a 100GB file from my main computer to this one. In each case, the file copy runs for a couple hours and then the system crashes. In the event log are WHEA-Logger messages saying either "Memory Hierarchy Error" or "Internal Unclassified Error". The system ran memtest overnight without error and seems stable except for when doing heavy disk IO. Seeing that reducing the speed of the QPI bus helped this issue, is this a faulty proc, MB, or something else? Additionally I have updated to the latest MB BIOS and disabled all power management and turbo features of the proc.

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          I'm experiencing very similar problems with the exact same board and processor (6GB RAM).  I came to the conclusion it was a problem with the ICH10R SATA controller -- and I'm not even running RAID.  Did you ever resolve this issue?  I've ran memtest86 sucessfully 1x through (and now am running overnight).  I've experienced your described problems with a Windows kernel, a Linux kernel, as well as a hypervisor and wondering if I should exchange or return for something else.

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            I too receive this error.   Running 920 / Foxconn Bloodrage / two x-25m 80's in RAID0, and have noticed that I receive the BSOD when trying to burn an ISO, game, or copy large files.   I haven't turned my QPI down, everything is running at stock settings in the bios.


            I've reloaded every driver on my system trying to resolve this.


            Any resolutions so far?    I'll keep trying on my end.