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    Intel HD Graphics 2000 problem


      Recently, I discovered a very strange problem with my computer. I bought the NVIDIA GTX 560 Ti, and installed it in my computer. When I opened everything up, the computer said I was running off of an 'Intel HD Graphcis 2000 (GT2)'. I have never installed any graphics card except for the 560, and I can't enable that or disable the Intel card. Any help as to removing/locating/de-activating the 2000 would be greatly appreciated.

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          Hi thatsmexycat,


          Check the cable connection please.

          The VGA/DVI/HDMI cable should be connected to the port on the graphics card instead of that on the matherboard.

          If it connects correctly, maybe you can check the BIOS setting.

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            Yzzbz is correct. The problem might be with the way how the cables are connected and the settings in the BIOS, which need to be configured to use the new video card you installed.


            Keep in mind that the new architecture of processors, the video controller is now integrated in the processor itself, so even though you did not install a video card in the system, there is a video controller in the processor you have (the Intel® HD Graphics 2000 you see reported).

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              Yeah, I've set the BIOS graphics adapter settings to PCI Express, which is what is suggested to run it, but no luck. The monitor is plugged, and everything says the graphics card is running fine, but the Intel card is over-riding it.

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                You might need to check with the computer/manufacturer manufacturer to see if everything is set properly. I a normal configuration the integrated video display should be disabled by the BIOS once an add-in video card is installed. However the system could be using a switchable graphics configuration, or possible the motherboard is not detecting the video card you have installed.