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    Windows 7 freezes randomly with Intel SSD 510 120GB


      I have now used my Intel SSD 510 120GB for about 2 years and it has had the same problem since the beginning. Suddenly my windows freeze. Nothing works, not mouse/keyboard or anything. I have to reset the system. Sometimes it happens when I'm using a software like words or excel, or surfing the web or just listening to music. Sometimes I leave the computer on and when I´m coming back after e.a 10 min the system is locked (frozen) and I have to re-start the computer. Sometimes I can use the computer for a whole day with out this problem occurs but sometimes it happens 2 times per hour. I have search the web for answers but all I find is people with similar problem but no solution. Everything looks ok in the "Solid-State Drive Toolbox, and Im using firmware version PPG2. Is there any solution for this issue?


      Windows 7 professional 64 bit

      Intel core i7-2600K CPU 3.40GHz

      Ram 8Gb

      MB Msi P67A-GD65