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    hp 4-1130la wifi connectivity problem


      Hi! My laptop is an hp 4-1130la and i have been having problems with the wifi conncetivity. i could connect to the wifi but the laptop would dropped the connection frequently. all the drivers are up to date.

      there no problems with LAN conections.

      OS     : W8

      model: HP 1130la

      Intel(R) Centrino(R) Wireless-N 2230

      Driver Version:


      Thnks in advance

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          Hi Carlos,


          The first thing we want to take a look at when the issue happens is the status of the network connection icon (on the taskbar). It may appear completely disconnected or connected but showing “no internet access” or with very poor signal strength. This information also appears in network and sharing center (control panel) where it says access type. Depending of the icon status the causes may be different and therefore the troubleshooting.


          There are many possible causes based on the information we have so far. Try checking if the security software in your computer is blocking the connection, disable firewall or antivirus. Disable the security in your router or make sure the settings match with your computer (either WPA AES or WPA TKIP).


          Since most wireless devices use 2.4GHz there may be interference. Move away or turn off phones, microwaves and other devices. Make sure the router is close to your system and avoid walls if possible. You may also try changing to a different channel (1 or 10) instead of using the default.


          There is also a newer driver version (15.6):



          Additional troubleshooting steps:



          I hope the suggestions help.

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            Thanks Joe

            I'm conected normally and suddenly, without any apparent reason the connection just is dropped,  nothing change in the network connection icon,  and after a few seconds the  conection is normal again.

            I tested diferent options with  the distance and interference to router and nothing, the issue still.

            There not sotfware interference... I think

            I'm going to try updating the driver and see what happens