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    DP35DP Mainboard: suddenly no video


      I am suffering a similar issue to this one:

      DP35DP no signal to monitor


      I used this mainboard for several years with the same components for several years without problems. Suddenly one morning there was no vide output. The monitor just stayed black (in standby mode). All fans (CPU & power supply) were turning, etc. I did not here any "OK beep" when the mainboard enters the BIOS, but I think there wasn't any "OK beep" before neither.

      Changing monitor, cables etc. did not show any effect. When I took out all RAM modules and started the computer without RAM (but with graphic card and CPU) there was a beep by the motherboard (which is a good sign). So I followed the hint in the linked thread, to reset the BIOS. I downloaded the latest *.bio file for this mainboard from the Intel webpage, copied it to a flashdrive, removed the jumper on the motherboard to set recovery mode and booted the computer with the flashdrive following this instructions: BIOS Recovery on Intel® Desktop Boards - YouTube

      I have the impression that the BIOS recovery was successful, because afterwards the fan controll seemed to be reset to its default settings (really loud fans). But still no image on the screen. I did it a second time. Now the fans are silent again, still no screen and no idea why the fans changed again.


      When I pull out the graphic card and boot the computer just with RAM and CPU, there is no error beep! Nevertheless I'd expect 2 error beeps, when the graphic card is missing: Desktop Boards — BIOS beep codes


      Does that mean my graphic card is broken? Or the part of the mainboard responsible for the graphiccard? Unfortunately I do not have a second motherboard with PCIe nor do I have a second PCIe graphic card to test the parts.


      Note that Wake on LAN is working, but the computer does not request a DHCP package.


      I'd appriciate any help, thanks!

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          Hi Swundr,


          It is very important to know how many beeps you are getting when testing the motherboard with the video card but without memory. If you are not getting 3 beeps, I am pretty sure you have a defective unit.


          These are some recommendations for this issue:


          - Test the system out of the chassis, minimal configuration please. (Motherboard, processor, power supply, 1 memory stick and video card)

          - Remove the CMOS battery and leave the system without it for about an hour. Then put it back on and restart the system.



          -If you still having the same issue and if the motherboard is still under warranty please get in touch with our Warranty Department so they can help you to replace the unit: http://www.intel.com/p/en_US/support/contactsupport



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            Thanks a lot for your fast reply!

            The error beep without memory seems to be the correct one: 3 beeps. I forgot to mention this in the frist place, sorry. This is what keeps me hope that the motherboard is still alive...

            Unfortunately the board is not under warranty anymore. Warranty expired recently (although this specific board is not that old, since I got a new one at the end of the warranty because I had a different problem with my original board).


            I'll give your hints one more try. Taking out the battery only 10 minutes wasn't enough (but I don't have more time right now).

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              Please try to leave the system without the CMOS battery for at least 1 hour. If this does not fix the issue and since the board is not under warranty anymore, the next option will be to test or replace the video card your are using.

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                Leaving the system also for several hours without CMOS battery did not show any effect.


                Finally I managed to try another video card - with partial success!


                The computer boots again. Strangly video works only using the VGA of the monitor. This means: no video signal if I connect DVI to DVI (I tried two different monitors and several cables). But if I use a DVI to VGA adapter, it works also using the DVI out of the video card. But maybe also the second video card is broken (it is old). I'll buy a new one and hope that this will resolve my problems.


                Also a second issue still makes me wonder. I'd expect an error beep if there is no video card attached to the board, but there is no beep.