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    No input with integrated graphics RMA'd motherboard same problem with new one.


      I get a b2 error code on my MSI mpower motherboards. I RMA'd it and received a new board about a month later and I get the same debug code. I posted to the official msi forums and a couple other forums, they have came to the same conclusion that It is a faulty CPU. I have tested with two sets of different known working ram. Cleared CMOS multiple times. I have tried a gtx 560 that I know works. I have had the board in and out of the case so not a grounding problem. The triangle on the cpu is facing the correct way, I have built a couple computers before so I know what I am doing. The board powers on, all the phase led's light up and the cpu fan spins. I have all 3 power connectors connected and my monitor says no signal and can't get into the bios (obviously). I was wondering if  there was anything else I could do before sending in the cpu.

      Any help is appreciated.