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    Intel Warranty Replacement


      I have been an Intel partner for over ten years first as an
      IPD and now as a Gold Technology Provider and I have always loved the support I
      received. I have only had to call Intel Tech Support about three or four times
      over those years and I have only had to return about six items for warranty
      replacement in ten years but Intel has always stood behind their products which
      I respected. Lately things have seemed to downhill at a very fast rate of descend.
      I just built-up and sold 13 All-in-Ones using the DQ77KB board and the new
      Intel All-in-One chassis. I had one chassis fail which cost me $35 in shipping
      charges to return for repair and I have one DQ77KB that just failed after two
      months at my customer site.



      My present problem is trying to get a Warranty Replacement
      for the DQ77KB board:



      purchased a ten pack of DQ77KB motherboards from Micro Ingram 30 January 2013
      and I built-up and delivered these All-in-Ones to my customer, one of them
      broke after a couple months at my customers site. The unit had no video so I
      pulled it back in the shop and I replaced the DQ77KB motherboard, this fixed
      the problem.



      I tried to do an AWR on-line but the website gives me a “This
      product is not supported via web.”
      Error message and it tells me to
      call Intel Customer Support. I spent an hour on hold last night with Intel
      before I got a message telling me to try again tomorrow because they are now
      closed. I filled out a Service ticket and have not heard from that attempt.



      I called again today and the Intel rep is telling me that my
      motherboard was sold in the Netherlands to which I assured him that I had never
      been there and it was purchased in the United States, he wants $25 to warranty
      replace this board?  I don’t know when Intel became so difficult to work with;
      I have always loved Intel’s support in the past?



      How do I get a warranty replacement on this board? Who can I
      talk to without spending another hour on the phone talking to people who have
      no authority? As an IPD we use to have our own Intel Rep but I have not heard
      from mine for a long time and the email I sent him bounced back. Any help from
      any Intel employees that can help me get a replacement for my DQ77KB board
      would be much appreciated.