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    Additional IDE HDD

      I have a DG31GL Motherboard.

      The SATA ports are occupied by HDD n DVDR/w.

      This HDD has my OS.

      I want to add another IDE HDD. Its just for storage and can't boot.

      When I plug it into the IDE port the system boots from the IDE HDD.

      What should I do??

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          Hi there,


          All you need to do is to change the settings in the bios.


          Go into the Bios
          Check if all your drives are recognised correctly just as a precaution. Note which one is  your iDE drive.


          Then go to Boot Menu
          Go to Boot Menu

          Boot Menu: Advanced
          Boot Priority: Hard Disk Drive First = Make sure that this is the sata drive not the IDE

          Drive else it will boot in the IDE Driver.
          Boot to Removable Devices Disable
          Boot to Network Disable
          Boot to Optical Device Disable
          USB Boot Disable
          Boot USB Device First Disable
          USB Mass Storage Auto
          Save and Exit.


          Try this, i will boot on your SATA drive. Now if in the future you would like dual OS boot, use a tool called Vista MultiBoot (quite handy)

          Hope this helps a bit.



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            I have a similar situation - but with two (2) IDE drives - I can see the drives in the bios, and i was able to make the settings you describe, but the machine hangs during boot - black screen with a flashing cursor - anything special required in any other BIOS settings?