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    DZ77SL-50K Windows 8 UEFI USB boot issues




      I've built a desktop PC based on an Intel DZ77SL-50K board, for testing with Windows HCK studio.


      When I run the test : Boot from USB (x86 and x64), the system prepares a USB stick with Windows PE, and is supposed to reboot from that USB stick.

      Instead, it reboots back into Windows 8 from the HDD.


      If I manually reboot the system, and press F10 for the boot menu, I see this (which has way too many entries listed) :



      Selecting any one of the "USB Entry for Windows To Go Logo Test" options does nothing.


      Is there any way to reset this list of boot devices ?


      I've tried reflashing / recovering the BIOS using the board jumper, removing the CMOS battery for more than 30 minutes, and reinstalling the OS multiple times, but no fix.

      Current BIOS version is 0096.

      OS is Windows 8 x64 Pro.


      Hope someone can help!