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    DG965SS Death by new fan?

    Bob Smith

      Hi Guys,

      My PC started making a bit of noise, so I unplugged the case fan and powered it up on my desk. I didn't have anything plugged into it, so I might have missed any error messages.

      Suddenly the power cut out, and I got a slight wiff of the magic smoke. After a bit of probing I found a regulator down near the bottom of the board was worryingly hot, and seems to heat up even on standby power. I can't get the thing to come up at all now. The standby power light comes on, the PSU reports as good, but the power button does nothing. Any ideas as to how I can get the danm thing going again would be greatly appreciated.

      -Thanks, Mini

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          Hello Bob,


          We recommend placing the board over a non-conducting surface.  Just plug in the power supply, the video card, minimum amount of memory, and the processor, and try to boot up. Test the system without memory installed looking for beep codes.  If there is any beep codes test with minimum memory installed and try to boot. If no beep codes at all we recommend replacing the board.