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    S2600GZ with more than 256GB of memory

    Stanislav Kascheev



      We are trying to get R2312GZ4GC4 server platform working with more than 256GB of RAM


      Prod. code: R2312GZ4GC4

      Serial: FHBF244003B

      TA. NO: G63765-002


      Mainboard PBA: G11481-352

      Mainboard serial: QSGR23100049


      We have latest firmware installed from this download - http://downloadmirror.intel.com/22512/eng/S2600GZ_GL_EFI_BIOS01060002_ME20107112_BMC1174207_FRUSDR109.zip


      Dual Xeon E5-2680 installed.


      Memory modules - 32GB Hynix HMT84GR7MMR4A-H9D3


      Maximum working amount of memory - 256GB (8 DIMMs installed in blue memory slots)

      If we add more DIMMs - system does not start at all or start with some memory slots marked as fault by LEDs on the board (depends on combination of used slots)


      I can't understand the cause of the problem. Server configurator tool list this memory modules as supported and allow to configure up to 24 modules for this platform.


      We have 2 identical server platforms on hands and situation with memory idetical on both of them.