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    Intel Desktop Board Transition Idea (Don't Shut Down The Business)


      Instead of closing down the whole Desktop Board Business, here is my Idea on what Intel should Implement, please hire me for this Implementation if you are interested Intel, coz I have plenty more Ideas for the desktop board division that consumers would love.


      One of the Ideas is to make one desktop board per chipset, and the board should have all the available features in the chipset


      Break down to this, and a simpler naming scheme:


           Extreme Series

                1 X79 Board with all features (Name: DX79XS)

                1 Z77 Board with all features (Name: DZ77XS)

           * In the naming D = Desktop Board, and the XS = Extreme Series*


            Media Series

                1 Z75 Board with all features (Name: DZ75MS)

                1 H77 Board with all features (Name: DH77MS)

           * In the naming D = Desktop Board, and the MS = Media Series*


           Executive Series

                1 Q77 Board with all features (Name: DQ77ES)

                1 B75 Board with all features (Name: DB75ES)

           * In the naming D = Desktop Board, and the ES = Executive Series*



      Only need / make a total of 6 motherboards par new generation cycle, frankly i think it would be a feasible idea and this would make support even better and easier, just my two sens of opinion.

      Heck ** Why don't they hire me to over see the above transition and transformation to simplicity, elegance and reliability to their Desktop Department**

      I am serious about the Job Intel, If Interested please contact me you have my email address or the website admin has it coz i normally receive email from website admin.