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    X56xx compatibility with SR2600URLX

    Tudor Popescu


      A client has an Intel server SR2600URLX, containing a S5520UR motherboard.

      We want to upgrade the processors from E5506 to X5670/80/90.

      I am receiving conflicting information from official Intel suppliers here (they do not know if these processors will work on that platform).


      On the server system support page - compatibility with processors, X56xx are not listed:

      ARK | Intel® Server System SR2600URLX  - compatible products/processors.


      However, on X5670 and X5680 support pages at least, they are compatible with S5520UR motherboard, but not with the whole server?




      Also, this document:


      leads me to believe all 3 processors X5670, X5680, X5690 should work on this system, with enhanced cooling solution BXSTS100C ?


      Can I get an official answer for this please? If the processors don't fit, what would be the top two available processors for this system?


      Thank you very much!




      Details (from dmidecode):

      System Information

              Manufacturer: Intel Corporation

              Product Name: S5520UR

              UUID: 74DCDCF6-30BC-11DE-B020-001517B11420

      Base Board Information

              Manufacturer: Intel Corporation

              Product Name: S5520UR

              Version: E22554-604

              Serial Number: BZUB91703263

      BIOS Information

              Vendor: Intel Corp.

              Version: S5500.86B.01.00.0061.030920121535

              Release Date: 03/09/2012


      From RMM3:

      Device (BMC) Available :Yes

      BMC FW Build Time :Mar 11 2012 21:13:20

      BMC FW Rev :00.59

      Boot FW Rev :00.16

      SDR Package Version :SDR Package 0.26

      Primary HSC FW Rev :02.09

      Secondary HSC FW Rev :(not present)

      Mgmt Engine (ME) FW Rev :

      Local Control Panel (LCP) FW Rev :(not present)

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          Yes it's supported. Thermal limitation is documented in note 3 of Tested processor list, which doesn't apply to you:


          3. Supported under the Intel® Server Board S5520UR and associated SKUs (SR1600UR, SR1625UR, SR2600UR and SR2625UR). When using this processor with a 1U system (SR16xxUR), use only Single or Dual Rank DIMMs due to thermal limitation.


          Use the passive heatsink that comes with your system. No additional thermal solution is required.