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    Wireless Adapter included w/ DX79SR provides very slow connection


      I recently built a gaming rig with an Intel DX79SR mobo.  (Finished the entire rig last week) Since the first day that installed the drivers for the bluetooth/wifi adapter that came included with the mobo (I believe it is the 802.11bgn 1T1R Wireless Adapter) I have never experienced a consistently fast connection speed.  At first I thought that it was related to the case, so I moved it closer to the router (about 45ft away with no walls in between).  That changed nothing.  I updated the firmware for the router and even changed the channel to 2, switched between WEP, WPA2, and no security, and tried reinstalling the drivers.  No sign of any progress with this aa well.  Did a google search to see what was going on and pulled up nothing.


      This is where it gets interesting:  it's ONLY my gaming rig that has this problem.  My Galaxy SIII, Asus gaming laptop, and HP 7510 wireless printer have no issues whatsoever.  This is the same for all other users on my network.  I know it isn't bandwidth related as the only person that uses a lot of bandwidth is ME.  I've pretty much come down to it being the wireless adapter, which would upset me as the only reason I even contemplated this mobo was because of the bluetooth and included wifi.  I'm sure that it is either a hardware issue or an outdated driver issue.  Problem is, the latest drivers for the wifi adapter were published in 2010.  Is there any way of me getting newer drivers?  The website has none.


      I really hope it isn't a hardware issue.  I spent a good amount of change on this for it to not be functioning or worse:  this being the best that it can do.  I don't know about you all, but being 35ft away and only getting 40Kbps download rates.....not cool.


      The Router is a Netgear Wireless N WNR834Bv2.DX79SR

      OS:  Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit