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    Replaced board, rebuild raid.


      I have a server built on the SE7221BK1-E server board. I had to replace the board and processor due to failure. The replacements installed are the exact same models as the original hardware. My problem is rebuilding the raid 1 array using the original 80gb sata drives without losing the contents of the drive. I want to avoid having to reinstall SBS 2003, programs, data etc. Can this be done safely? If so, how? Any help will be appreciated.

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          I do not claim to have an appropriate reply to your specific problem.   BUT, I have been using 2 RAID 1 arrays for IDE drives for 6 years.

          My drives are managed by a RAID controller from Promise Technologies, www.promise.com

          I have always gotten outstanding, no charge, telephone support from Promnise.

          In your situation I would call the manufacturer of your Controller, or, call Promise, ask for tech support and ask them what they would advise you to do so you can see their tech support which is part of a buying evaluation.

          Here's Promise's information.



          1(408) 228-1400 - tech support opt 4

          Promise Technology

          1(408) 228-1400 - tech support opt 4

          7:30 - 5:00PM M-F Pacific Std Time

          1745 McCandless Drive

          Milpitas, CA 85035




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            Also, when I have had to replace my motherboard and memory I have simply replaced them with identical components and then plugged in my RAID Card and the original master to an array and a new drive also on the same array and then let my Promise card rebuild the array since it knows how to do that.

            Then I have replaced the motherboard and memory and can get up and running with all my original data and programs.

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              The origianl board is a Intel Entry Server Board model SE7221BK1-E with intergrated raid 0, 1, and 10. The replacement board is the same make and model. There is no separate riser board, so the raid 1 must be rebuilt using the on-board raid utility. I am asking my question in this forum because it is a Intel forum and therefore I am hoping that someone has encountered this situation before and can hopefully provide an answer.