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    DZ68BC Bios: What version do I need to be on?


      I think I made a mistake by upgrading my BIOS from 0027?  I upgraded to 0039 and got no post, or wouldn't go past code 45.  Somehow I managed to get to 0035 and now I am having BSOD's.  Can someone help me figure this out?


      i7-2600k 3.4G sandy bridge

      MB Ver.  AAG30742-401

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          Oh man you are screwed like all of us with the 003x BIOS, all the current 003x BIOS are full of different issues, with each having its own set of issues. The safest place you can be right now is 0039 its full of issues but stable than the 0035. and you do realize you cant go back to 002x


          Man be among many who wants a fixed BIOS for the DZ68BC, I personally updated coz i knew that i would be running a 3rd gen Core i7 3770 that was around last year April, I've been using the i7-3770 but the BIOS is full of crap like the Intel ME issue and the PCH 0.0 issue which all make any memory run at above 1333MHz a pain to boot computer and get the 1600MHz and the PCH and Intel ME working all at the same time, man what a load of bull. almost 1 year now and no true FIX.


          Nice going Intel, what a way to treat your loyal customers, I'll truly be shifting to other Board venders since Intel wont be making Desktop Boards anymore.

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            Thank you for the reply!

            The more I read into this, it looks like my AAG30742-401 version should not have gone above 0028.  You have to have AA-403 and above? ANYWAY, I moved back to 0039 and I'm still having startup issues and trying to work through those...

            I do have 1600 memory.  Is there something I need to fix/set to make my startup work?


            Anyone have a recommended MB model to move to so I can use my chip/mem/video?  I use to be ASUS then INTEL and I'm guessing ASUS is where I'll be going back to.

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              Try installing one memory stick at a time, in the order of the first black DIMM closest to the CPU, just one memory stick then power on and see if it works, if it does work shut down and add the remaining memory sticks in the respective order.


              In the future I'm looking into going with either MSI, ASUS or Zotac for motherboard, but i hope Intel reconsiders and just shrinks the production of desktop boards to only one motherboard per chipset and the board should curry all the available features in the chipset, eg



              Break down to this, and a simpler naming scheme:


                   Extreme Series

                        1 X79 Board with all features (Name: DX79XS)

                        1 Z77 Board with all features (Name: DZ77XS)

                   * In the naming D = Desktop Board, and the XS = Extreme Series*


                    Media Series

                        1 Z75 Board with all features (Name: DZ75MS)

                        1 H77 Board with all features (Name: DH77MS)

                   * In the naming D = Desktop Board, and the MS = Media Series*


                   Executive Series

                        1 Q77 Board with all features (Name: DQ77ES)

                        1 B75 Board with all features (Name: DB75ES)

                   * In the naming D = Desktop Board, and the ES = Executive Series*



              They will only need / make a total of 6 motherboards par new generation cycle, frankly i think it would be a feasible idea instead of going out completely, and this would make support even better and easier, just my two sens of opinion.


              Heck ** Why don't they hire me to over see the above transition and transformation to simplicity, elegance and reliability to their Desktop Department**

              I am serious about the Job Intel, If Interested please contact me you have my email address or the website admin has it coz i normally receive email from website admin.

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                Thank you again!

                I've only tried this once b/c I'm tired of messing with it.  I went to 1 of 2 simms and windows seemed more stable, went back to 2 simms and BSOD after login.  Now, I'm running with everything back under the hood except 1 simm and so far so good...

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                  Hello Scott,


                  Our recommendation is updating your motherboard BIOS to the latest version using the recovery method with minimum memory installed:


                  Desktop Boards — BIOS update instructions


                  Latest BIOS update can be found here:


                  Download Center


                  If the issue persists we recommend checking your warranty options to replace the board. Thank you for your understanding and we apologize for any inconveniences on this matter.

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                    Hey Dan do you think Intel will ever release a FIXED bios for the DZ68BC, I'm a victim of all the problems with the DZ68BC,


                    For what its worth 0035 combined with 3rd gen CPU like mine the i7-3770 appears to have less issues the biggest issue is Instability and the fact that it OC's the CPU to 4.3GHz after several restarts once it shows the correct 3.9GHz turbo frequency, the PCH & Intel ME issue is not present with the above combination and the 0035 BIOS but not usable coz of Instability.


                    I'm currently on 0039 and always run more tests whenever I can, 0039 stable but Intel ME & PCH 0.0 issue available in full force (I always use work around to boot normally with all factions)

                    the issues are DIMM related nothing to do with the speed the memory stick is running, but its been found by many users that by populating the last Blue DIMM farthest from the CPU seems to cause most of the above Issues, I have investigated that my self and found it to be true, tho the issues are present on the other DIMMS but are not always persistent.


                    Please PUT IN A WORD THAT WE NEED A FIXED DZ68BC BIOS please.

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                      Are you saying I can populate the 2 black sockets and it would work?  I am having the same issue with the second blue socket, so I am running on 1 SIMM.

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                        @Dan - Please do read on!... - I can second a lot of Stephenb.r's observations

                        A little about me - I've over 25 years experience in the computer support trade and have experience overseeing tech spt and QC in a system builder many years ago - In short my diagnoses carry weight.


                        I understand that Intel have not been able to duplicate these issues - Maybe you need to test different configurations. I suspect that some instability issues relate to support for certain processors (on the compatibility list). My own woes there were with an i7-3770 processor, which I never got stable. Yes I did follow the update instruction meticulously. (and many, many times!! - up and down the bios versions, when I could get the board to boot at all , that is!)


                        I have also seen the management processor error and the bios 39 memory slot support issues, and numerous issues with failures very early in the board initialisation - see my other posts - that was  along time ago!)


                        My DZ68BC was originally intended for the PC that I am typing this on - It now runs on a competitors board because I could not get the i7-3770 stable enough. My DZ68BC board runs on a Sandy bridge i5 CPU and is a home test rig for virtualisation and back on BIOS35 as that for my purposes was most stable. (Later Bioses seemed to add issues rather than fix too many - -well in my case anyway, as I did not need overclocking)


                        My own woes are pretty much over but only because I used a competitors board and ended up reusing the DZ68BC in a different lower specced system. However I ended up spending a lot more money and time in trying to work around the issues than I should have had to, and am too scared to try newer bioses on the board.


                        Along the way I did try to get support, but it was only available via chat at the time of day that I could access it, and in the end the rep tried to direct me to phone support in my own country - but that was only available at times that I was working and could not access it without neglecting my own customers - which I would not do. I would have been forced down the replacement route, when I really knew that It was a BIOS issue. - I've seen others on this board forced down a similar path only to get a replacement that behaves the same.

                        In short please do take heed of the configuration described by others on this board - there REALLY are issues.

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                          Go ahead and try In most cases the black DIMMs work better than the recommended blue ones that was all after 003x BIOS come out initially all the 4 DIMMs worked correctly.


                          keep testing and post any new advancement or anything new you have noticed.


                          in most cases with 0036,0037 BIOS the black DIMMs work almost flawless without inclusion of memory sticks on the blue ones.

                          0039 on the other hand is another story, coz all the DIMMs except the last blue DIMM farthest from CPU, seem to have equal problems, but still in some tests the black DIMMs do not fail, please note with four memory sticks installed in all the 4 DIMMs the problem brought by the last blue DIMM will be there (Workaround needed o boot normally, check other DZ68BC posts for various workarounds)

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                            Steve UK is totally right, INTEL WE NEED A FIX

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                              Here is the latest on my issue. Starting with a context of a chat session...

                              I started a chat with Intel service and basically was instructed to pull the battery for 15 minutes and go from there. After the battery pull, my system did not POST and I was instructed to do a recovery BIOS which did not work. So Intel recommended I receive a replacement MB. A couple days later I received an email stating I could send in my MB and then get a replacement or I could pay a non refundable $25 to get the board first before sending in my old one.  I replied asking if I would be guaranteed a MB with a BIOS version max of 002X and they replied I would receive a MB with the latest BIOS 0039.  I have since replied asking if the MB version would be greater than AAG30742-401.  I'm hoping a 403 or greater version would actually do better since i read in the instructions that a 003X upgrade would work on this version, but i have not had time to research.

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                                Sorry, a habit of mine is to hit Ctrl-S to save and that actually sends these replies...

                                So, to continue, I have since got my system up and running again on 1 SIMM but I still get the occasional BSOD!  Totally unacceptable.  So, unless I can get a MB with version 403 or greater to experiment with, I don't see how my situation will change. My system is 90% work and 10% gaming so I HAVE to have a RELIABLE MB. Right now I am staring at an ASUS P8Z77-V Deluxe board waiting on an SSD to arrive to rebuild my system.  If Intel can't provide a fix, I NEED MY $199.99 BACK!!!

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                                  Hey Scott, ever since you made this thread i have been in contact with Intel, and so far they told me what the told you above the same exact steps that I have been repeating for ages.

                                  Obviously the steps dint help so the person i was in contact with forwarded the issue to warranty department and they sent me an email with a few minutes about a warranty that i have been given 60 days to claim or it will expire after the days are over. So without much thought i started the process of RMA and i sent back my board today DHL picked it up, so i will be waiting for the other one in a week or so coz I'm in Kenya and Intel Warranty Email specified I send the board to Netherlands Deport.... anyway long story shot i decided to go for It since intel is taking care of shipping (So i dint pay DHL they used the account Intel instructed me to present them with, the account was in the Warranty Email)


                                  The good thing is the warranty email contained useful information eg the replacement board I will be receiving is v 403 or maybe higher if available


                                  Products Intel is sending to you:


                                  (Note:Product information is conditional based on substitute part availability.Actual part(s) may differ.)


                                  Row No     :         1

                                  Part No     : G30742-403

                                  Product     : AA,MB,DZ68BC,FAB4,