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    Intel DH61WW Issue (maybe 0099 bios)


      hello everyone

      I bought DH61WW used from my friend

      Installed Intel G620 Processor

      On turning PC on, I got no display but pc fans started, I pressed restart button and on boot it started giving display

      I pressed F2 and went into bios

      And bios were very different from my old DH61WW which I sold In october last year, this one has mouse support

      (Will update bios version of my old mobo, I have contacted buyer, waiting for reply). and interesting thing bios show different motherboard at Top : DH61BE bios version 0099 25/5/2012

      i went into system identification on main page of bios and it showed DH61ww


      I turned off PC, turned on and no display, tried this several time to make sure its first boot no display issue

      then I asked him, he tried installing latest bios on his Office DH61ww and got same issue, his pc showing DH61CR and no display on first boot,


      I thought of installing latest bios, but on searching google I found many issues on 0099 bios, and dead mobo on flashing other bios

      So should I update latest bios? will they work good or wait for fixed bios?