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    Dell Inspiron 1525 with Inell Graphic card : Issues with Games on Windows 7



      I have installed Windows 7 build 7077 on my laptop Dell inspiron
      1525 , which worked very perfect so far , however , i can't play
      GAMES , i tried several times to update my Graphic Card driver Intel ,
      which is updated ( to the last edition ) , though the problems still
      exist .

      My graphic card is : Video Card Driver Intel GM965   ( which seems ok ) .

      I Install Windows 7 build 7100 to stuck at the same problem , i tried
      Several games indeed . Starting from Warcraft , even the old
      StartCraft , You can add

      AssultCube  ,

      AlienArena ,

      Nexuiz ,

      OpenArena ,

      Unreal T ,

      And some MMO games as well as SecondLife and Rakion

      I don't know what's really the problem in here , So i tried to install
      Windows Vista Graphic Driver in here , and it does not finish
      installing as well .

      Other than that everything is working perfectly .

      Any suggestions ?

      Best regards