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    Reboot and RAID 5 not Seen no DG33TL

      Reboot and RAID 5 not Seen (Pardon me if this is already posted but no acknowlgement was recieved)


      Hello all I have and interesting issue with my DG33TL motherboards


      I have a system that reboots for no reason and occautionally these reboot result in the motherboard not recognizing the Existing RAID until it is rebooted again.  I have had not encountered the spontaneous reboots when not using the onboard RAID to configure a RAID the system has been up for a month configured without RAID but did not even last 24 hours once the RAID was configured.  I have been having this issue ever since I tried to configure the RAID back in January 2009. Just a Note it reboots in DOS for no reason as well just happened a few minutes ago


      My System configuration is as follows


      DG33tl System Board

      6 Gigs Ram (2 x2 and 2 x 1 gig modules)

      2 500Gig Seagate Hard drives on SATA Port 0 and 1

      1 500Gig WD hard drive on Sata port 2

      Above drives Configured in RAID 5

      1 300Gug WD Hard Drive on Sata Port 3

      1 DVD Burner LG on Sata port 4

      1 Blue-Ray drive on Sata port 5


      ATI 2400HD Video Card with 512Meg Ram with HDMI output

      ATI TV wonder 600USB

      Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse


      High point Rocket RAID 2300 with 4 1.5T drives in a RAID 5