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    DG33TL does not reconize raid on reboot

      ello All


      I have an interesting problem


      I have the following configuration that has and issue with the Raid


      DG33TL Motherboard with 6 Gigs Ram

      2 - 500 Seagate hdds Ports 0 and 1

      1 - 300 Westerndigital Port 2

      these 3 drives are configured as a raid 5 on the Intel controller

      1 DVD RW drive Port 5

      1 Blue-Ray Drive Prt 4

      1 - 300Gig hdd running of the onboard intel controller but not part of the raid on Port3


      ATI 2400HD video

      ATI USB 600 TV Turner

      Highpoint 2300 controller running 4 identical drives in a Raid 5

      1000 Watt Power Supply also had 2 different Ultra 700 Watt PS in as well same issues


      When I have this setup where the 500gig drives are all individual and not part of a RAID all has gone well BUT when it is configured as stated with the 3 x 500 in a RAID 5 off the onboard Intel controller I get Spontaneously rebooting and on reboot the all drives are not part of a RAID but upon rebooting again the 3 500 are once again part of the RAID.  This is based on the BIOS info displayed on POST and Also no OS is recognized until rebooted a second time


      Also Running Vista 64-bit Ultimate

      Also Have 2 of these boards same issue

      Have updated to the latest BIOS and Drivers

      Any Help is advised