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    Bang on SCSI Raid


      This question reposted from a blog comment.


      Presently, I do have Toshiba Tecra s2 Notebook with preinstalled Windows XP professional sp2 and updated by sp3. Actually, I am looking for a solution to "when I open the Device Manager, i find Yellow ! mark on the SCSI?RAID Controller and after clicking its properties, it showed under General  Tab-Device Status "Windows can not load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be currpted or missing. Code 39 Click Troubleshoot to start the troubleshooter for this device." the device is enabled. And the instance id is ACPI\PNPA000\4&478FF19F&0.


      I contacted both Microsoft Help and Support as well Toshiba India. And the replies they posted tells the story about thier inability. There were other petty issues too, which I did resolve myself. I would be thankfull to you if I get resolve this issue.

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          Hi there,


          Actually from the Hardware ID: ACPI\PNPA000, it appears that this unknown device is not part of an Intel Driver like from the chipset driver etc.


          Usually, if it was part of the Intel Chipset Driver, the hardware id would have been listed as something like:
          HardwareID = PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_XXXX. So I am pretty sure that it has nothing to do with Intel Drivers. To be honest,

          I have nearly all the Hardware ID for the Intel Products, but since this is an OEM laptop, I cannot guarantee anyything to you.


          The ACPI driver mostly used to be embedded in the Microsoft OS itself. (Plug and Play)
          For example: AC Adapter, ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery, Standard PS/2 Keyboard, ACPI fan, ACPI Lid, DMA Controller etc. All these are embedded in the OS.


          So my question is:
          Did it occur after installing the SP3?

          The best thing to do is to try to re-install a clean OS SP2 and all the latest drivers in the following order.
          Installation order for Windows XP

          toshiba accesibility  V1.28.1.22C
          acoustic silencer  V1.00.005A
          assist  V1.02.00
          atheros client utility  V3.1.2.19.I123
          toshiba bay service utility  V1.0.7.1215C
          microsoft bluetooth monitor  V2.0
          toshiba bluetooth stack  V3.01.03
          cardbus driver + cardreader  V1.0.2.2
          intel chipset driver (intel ich6m)
          configfree  V5.00.45
          controls  V3.14.1600
          toshiba controls components  V2.28.3.18C
          vga driver (nvidia nv43, nv44m)  V71.10
          dla  V4.95BUILD490B66B
          dual pointing device driver  V2.28.1.17C
          dual pointing device utility  V1.1.0.1
          intervideo windvd  5.0B11.475-AN1217
          h/w setup  V1.28.0.16C
          toshiba hokey utility  V1.28.1.15
          smc fir driver  V5.1.3600.5_R101(LOGO)
          toshiba management console  V3.5.4
          manuals  V5.15
          hotfix for "cumulative security update for ie"  Q834707
          hotfix for "cannot use infrared port to transfer data"  Q885855
          hardware (dep)-enabled computer may unexpectedly quit after you resume from standby or from hibernation in windows

          xp service pack 2  Q889673
          mobile extensions  V3.69.00.XP.C
          toshiba software modem  SM21476ALD06
          marvell lan driver (10/100/1000 88e8036 lan)  V7.29.4.3(LOGO)
          supervisor password utility  V1.28.0.14
          pc diagnostic tool  V3.0.9
          power saver  V7.03.05.C
          power saver driver  V2.28.4.14C
          record now  V7.22 BUILD720B37Q
          sd memory card format  V2.0.2.1A
          sd secure module  V1.0.2
          realtek audio driver  V5.10.00.5740
          sun java 2 runtime environment  V1.5.0
          alps touch pad driver  V6.0.305.5(LOGO)
          touchpad on/off utility  V1.28.1.12
          atheros ar5001x mini pci wireless network adapter  V3.1.2.45
          intel wireless lan b/g driver  V9.0.1.9
          zooming utility  V2.0.0.20C
          toshiba zooming hook  V2.28.1.6C


          If you dont want to re-install the OS, try the latest drivers on the already installed OS.

          Website: http://uk.computers.toshiba-europe.com/innovation/download_drivers_bios.jsp?service=UK



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            Dear Aryan,


            Thanks for your swift reply. I visited the link sugessted by you. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the required driver there. You are right, I want to install the driver without reinstalling the OS due to some limitations. Anyways I appriciate your detailed reply and assisting me to your capabilities. As I wrote earlier, I am in contact with Toshiba India too. See what happens.


            Thanks & regards once again.


            Sandeep Kumar

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              Hi Sandeep,


              I am on this Intel Community to share my knowledge and help. I hope that you will get an answer from Toshiba soon.


              Best Regards,


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                Hi Aryan,


                Yes, I do hope same. But, yesterday only I had a talk with them, they told "we are working on your question, and wait till we call you back."


                However, you are requested again to find a solution to this occurance.