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    Intel Drivers + ATI Drivers = Crash...Help Needed


      This has been bothering me for over a week now, and haven't found a solution. Only today, after a tech installed the Intel Matrix Manager did it become v-e-r-y apparent that this program, and/or the Intel Chipset drivers, is what's causing my system instability.


      Running a RaptorX RAID 0 using the Intel Matrix drivers on a custom built Vista x64 system. The Intel Chipset drivers assigns USB and PCI-E addresses. Whatever ATI driver I install, within 2 to 4 reboots of the system, the system will BSOD. When I install the Intel Matrix Manager software, the BSODs become a stream -- to the extent that I can't even enter safe mode.


      System stability returns for awhile after removing the ATI drivers, but the BSODs will return later like an unwanted ghost afterwards (crashed 2x as I tried to register here alone). Only safe way to use the system without BSODs is with Vista default VGA drivers (which isn't a fun experience) from a clean install.


      There is some conflict with these drivers, and I can't pinpoint which one is causing the errors. It seems more to be with the Matrix Manager drivers, but the Chipset drivers make more sense as it assigned the PCI-E addresses that the videocard uses. For example, the latest major crash that sent over 12 errors in a stream was caused by deleting files from an USB external drive -- locked up Vista cold; screen went white; then later the BSODs came.


      The BIOS has been upgraded to the latest; memory fully tested; PSU rails are rock stable, no ripple and within the .3% specs; HDD show no errors; very adequate cooling (2x120mm fans + 7x80mm). The whole system is barely a month old, too.


      Is there an Intel expert that can help me troubleshoot this problem?



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          Solution Found - It is NOT an Intel driver(s) issue.


          It's cured by changing the default installation path when installing ATI Catalyst drivers from...


          C:\Program Files\ATI Technologies to C:\Program Files\ATI


          Bad path coding here that prevents CIM files from being installed in their hard coded destination. It's an issue in 9.1 (needed for FutureMark benchmarking)/9.2/9.3/9.4 versions of Catalyst.


          Without the CIM files it will clash with the Intel drivers royally. With the proper CIM files, there's no Event Viewer errors, and Matrix+Chipset drivers aren't complaining (no weird lines; no lockups; no BSODs).


          Hopefully this will cure this headache between these two different company drivers for others, too!




          Motherboard: P5Q Pro with Version 2002 BIOS

          Processor: Intel C2D "Wolfdale" E8500 3.1Ghz

          Memory: 2x2GB Corsair Dominator @ 1066Mhz

          Videocard: Sapphire HD4870 DDR5 512MB

          HDD: 2x150GB WD RaptorX - RAID 0/4 partitions