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    SS4200-E: Cannot see ATA DOM or Disk in Windows Setup


      Dear Experts,


      I have the recommended configuration now with a the PCI extender, a PCI Video card, attched monitor and keyboard etc.

      In BIOS I can see, my 4 WD SATA drives detected, and my either my new DOM or the IDE drive on PATA as well. The sata is defined to be behind Pata.


      When I boot using a USB disk to windows setup, I can never see the IDE drive or the DOM as an available option. I have tried this with Windows Server 03/08, WHS and Vista.


      However, if a copy a bootable image using a Virtual machine on another machine, the DOM can start to boot, but of course Windows fails because it was installed on very different hardware. However, I cannot even repair it as in Windows setup the disk is not detected.


      Is there a new BIOS available for the board? Is there anything else to be tried?


      Thanks for your time.