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    HDMI Port (G45 Chipset) incompatible with some TVs



      the issue I am facing is indeed very strange and I did already check quite a lot of things.

      MOBO: DG45ID

      TV: Panasonic 46" Plasma

      The TV-set has 3 HDMI ports, 2 in the back and 1 on frontside. Connecting the PC to the front side port works (except HDCP) but both backside ports are not working at all. It's like if nothing would be connected at all. Connecting other devices like blue-ray player to the backside ports works fine as well. After checking physical things like using different cables, putting the surround system in between... etc. I let Panasonic exchange the MOBO of the TV-Set. Without any change. Using another Monitor (via DVI-converter) on the HDMI-Port works also fine. But no chance to connect the Panasonic to the Intel MOBO.

      Of course I have the latest drivers and BIOS installed. OS is Vista SP1 x86.

      Is there any way to get further info what is happening on the HDMI protocol? Why is HDCP not working with G45 chipset on the front side port but it is working on this port with other HDCP players?

      I have really no plan anymore, please help....