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    Windows Xp Sp3 reports less system memory in DG41RQ


      Good day, I just bought this board and installed windows xp sp3 but when I checked the system properties: it only reports 1.99Gb of Ram of which I have 4GB of ram, this is too much. I checked the bios and it is detected by the board as 4gb but why it is reporting in windows that I have way too less space? here is my specs:


      Intel Dual Core 2.5 Ghz E5200

      DG41RQ board

      2x 2GB DDR2 800 Kingston Value Ram

      XFX Geforce 9400GT 1GB Vcard

      Samsung 160GB Sata Harddrive

      Western Digital 80GB IDE Harddrive

      Seagate 160GB IDE Harddrive


      Will it matter if I Install Windows Vista instead of XP? Any help is appreciated, thanks