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    DG45ID Dual Display Configuration Issues With PCI X16 Adapter

      I installed a Nvidia Quadro NVS 290 into the PCI E slot on the DG45ID MOBO in anticipation of  using two 19" Viewsoinc Pro Series display configured a primary and extended desktop.  After installing the card and the newest drivers from the Nvidia site, I booted the PC and Windows search was have an issue locating my DVD RW software and my AV application pegged the processor at 100% and hung the PC.  I booted the PC in safe mode and disabled the AV software, and rebooted.  But the PC was slow to respond.  I removed the graphics card, verifed the operation of both monitors via the onboard DVI video, reenabled the AV software, checked for the DVD / windows seach error and everything appears to work as expected.  I would also like to note when I entered the BIOS with the Nvidia adapter installed the graphics were sugglish at best.  The Nivdia card was tested in a different PC and worked.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.