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    X58 B3 Stepping - When?


      When will be see the new B3 stepping in a motherboard from Intel? Mass shipments are starting 05/15/2009 per the PCN. Will the DX58SO be updated? I have not seen a PCN for this yet and I do not want to buy a X58 motherboard until this stepping is confirmed.

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          DX58SO B3 stepping motherboard PCN: E29531-503


          Technically, this still wouldn't satisfy the minimum BIOS requirement for being able to boot the new Intel batch of D0 stepping Core i7 CPU's from the DX58SO.

          See BIOS requirements for DX58SO - Core i7 D0 processors: HERE





          Description of Change to the Customer:

          Update BIOS to version SOX5810J.86A.3435.

          An SLI connector will be added to supplied accessories.



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