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    Intel documentaion at home?


      A friend of mine, advanced ASM coder, told me (a beginner ASM coder) to look for Intel documentation about CPU architecture. In fact, I spent a lot of time learning the slight differences between the CPU architectures, all the way through the antique 8088 and the more recent 80686.


      I found on intel.com a PDF book called "Intel Architecture   Software Developer’s  Manual  Volume 1:Basic Architecture". This is EXACTLY the book I need. It wouldn't cost me too much to print all of its 283 pages, but this friend of mine told me that Intel (or some afilliate) would deliver me a book at home, for free. I would like to know what was he talking about, and where can I ask for one. I would prefer to have the original book instead of the printed version, no matter if I have to buy it, or someone gives it to me without charge.


      Thank you.