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      In all the documentation online regarding security of vPro, it does not clarify in detail whether the PC's can be tampered with in anyway that would deactivate the vPro setup.


      I would like to know, for example, if it's possible to disable vPro by removing the motherboard eprom battery.

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          any Intel vPro experts in this group? 

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            What system models do you have?


            There are different components of vPro


            For the Active Management Technology.  Yes - if the BIOS battery is removed and reinserted, the Intel AMT settings will be reset to factory default.  In addition, some OEMs provide a setting in BIOS to reset Intel AMT upon the next reboot.  The suggest here is lock you BIOS settings and case if that is a concern


            For the Anti-Theft Technology (AT-p) - a BIOS  battery reset will not affect.  Therefore, if someone were to steal a system that is configured with Absolute, Computrace, or other support AT-p security vendor... if the AT-p policy activates and disables the system, only a re-activation key\sequence as defined by the security policy will reactivate the system.  A BIOS battery reset will not


            Does that help?

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              Thanks Terry for the info.   I will be setting up vPro with Altiris Out of Band component.    The PC's that I use are HP.    Is the (AT-p) Anti-Theft Technology available for HP computers?   From what I've read, it's only on Lenovo brand.


              Basically, I need to know if there is any other way around disabling AMT vPro other than removing the BIOS battery, however I dont' see anywhere in the Intel vPro documentation regarding the security details.

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                Correct on AT-p being available for only Lenovo platforms... other's may add the functionality, yet only Lenovo supports at this time.


                Regarding the disabling or unconfiguring of AMT - Take a look at http://www.symantec.com/connect/articles/provisioning-intel-vpro-technology-part-4-remotely-resetting-provisioning-state  On the HP laptops (i.e. 2510p, 6910p, 8510p, 2530p, 6930p, 8530p), there is an option in the BIOS to unconfigure AMT on next boot.  This option requires a confirmation at the next boot.  Thus - it is possible - but can  be controlled by BIOS security.  Similarly - as mentioned in the article - if an Altiris user has sufficient rights\access, they can unconfigure systems remotely.  In both cases - it's a matter of Access Control, rights\permissions, etc.



                Just curious - how soon will you  be activating vPro\AMT?  How many client systems?  Key usage model?   (if you'd prefer to not answer on blog - send me a private message via vPro Expert center account)