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    Onboard AND add-on LAN not working in DG965RY board

      I have an Intel DG965RY motherboard with a core 2 duo processor and Windows XP Pro SP2. A couple of weeks back the broadband started getting interrupted periodically and then stopped altogether. I have had things checked by the ISP (BSNL) and things are working fine on their side. I even got a new broadband modem and it works fine at the exchange or a friend's house. I finally spotted that there is no Local Area Connection in the Network Connections in the Control Panel which used to be there earlier. I checked the Device Manager and there was an exclamation mark on the Intel PRO Gigabit Network adapter.


      I have tried unstalling and reinstalling the device, formatting the hard disk & reinstalling Windows, installing the latest INF updates, installing the latest drivers for the LAN, installing Intel desktop utilities and finally flashing and updating the BIOS to the latest version, all to no avail. The network adapter is still not working and I am not able to connect to the Internet.


      I tried using a PCI ethernet card but that is also not appearing in the Device Manager.


      The motherboard, I presume is gone and I wonder if there is anything else I can try. The board is still within warranty but I need to use my system everyday. The present board is actually a replacement for the original board given by Intel a couple of months back when the original board wouldn't even go into the BIOS while booting and failed completely.