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    T6400 and VT Support

      I understand that T6400 does not support VT, but is it possible to install VMWare, Parallels,Virtual box and run a OS with Windows Visat Host?


      Will this approach significantly degrade the performance of both Host and VM OSes?


      Any insight on this?



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          Hi there,


          Actually, so far, what i know if the board (bios support) and the cpu does not support VT, it is not possible to install any Virtualisation Application like VMWare, Virtual Box.


          Website: http://ark.intel.com/cpu.aspx?groupID=40479&code=t6400



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            Yes, you can virtualize, even despite the lack of hardware support.  Many, if not all, of the virtualization products you mention do not require VT.  Though, if you virtualize without VT, you will not get the benefit of hardware support.


            I have run virtualized systems for years and have yet to acquire a system with hardware support.  There is not much of a performance hit for doing so (barely perceptible for my purposes and I'm a developer).

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              I am able to install VMWare, Sun virtual box and also Microsoft VPC 2007.

              I am running 64 bit OS , but not able to configure any of the above virtual machine which can run 64 bit OS .

              so on main concern is we are able to run 64 OS on host machine but can't run 64 bit guset OS.

              Any further update ?

              Thanks in advance