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    SR4850HW4/M with SE8501HW4 MB

    Robert A. Genna

      I have been unable to initialize processors 3 and 4 in this server. VRM and Cache are installed (one VRM for processor 3). All four processors are 7140M  SL9HA dual core and Dimm's are DDR2-400. I get a configuration error (1-5-2-3 beeps) saying it may be VID Mismatch. I have Bios P12 (76) SDR Rev. 39 and BMC Rev. 0.56 installed. All processors work in slots 1 and 2 but fail in slot 3. IMM board is recognized by the system and server manager 8.4 software shows no issues with any listed items. Also the server will not accept USB DOS boot stick that works on my other 5300 chassis servers. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.